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Our Mission

The mission of Family Education Centers is to rebuild and strengthen inter-personal relationship between parents and their children, when these breaks in relationship are as a result of divorce, separation, incarceration, drugs and/or alcohol abuse. We pursue this mission by providing tested, results-driven,relevant workshops and seminars to individuals, families and community. Thereby reducing the risk of physical and psychological harm to children, improve the well-being of families and strengthen communities. 

"The job of parenting is one that is both extremely important and extremely difficult, but for too long our society has treated it as if it were either unimportant or easy, and left parents to fend for themselves."

Susan Reed, M. Ed
Former Director of Training, Active Parenting Publishers​


What We Do

Parenting & Family Education Programs:

> Bully Prevention
> Christian Parenting
> Community Resources
> Co-Parenting after
    Divorce & Separation
> Early Childhood
> Life Skills Coaching
> Mediation 
> Parenting for Step-Families
> Parenting Plans
> Parenting Programs
> Parenting Teens
> Parenting Young Children
> Prevention Programs
> Professional Development
> Relationship Building
> Truancy Prevention

Check your Regional Office 

for Program Availability